Chhavi Rajawat, MBA

Elected Representatives of Gram Panchayat Soda

Elected Representatives of Gram Panchayat Soda

How many of us know of people who have completed their higher studies, worked in corporate sector, and quit their job to engage in social service? It is a minuscule segment of our educated population, and one that is gradually on the rise.

Chhavi Rajawat, studied at Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh; Mayo College Girls’ School in Rajasthan and Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. After her MBA from Pune, she worked  for companies such as Times of India, Carlson Group of Hotels, Airtel, etc.  Today, she is the Sarpanch (elected head of the Village Council) in Soda village, Tonk district, Rajasthan. She may be the first woman Sarpanch in India with an MBA degree, but a career in politics is not on her radar.

“I didn’t have to think about it much because Soda is where I belong and it needs me. In fact, the villagers broke all barriers of caste, gender and religion to ensure my victory. In Soda, not even one per cent of the voters are from my own caste. They [the villagers] wanted to prove that development is the most important factor for which they can overlook all politically created differences.” she says regarding her transition from corporate sector to social sector.

Her grandfather Brig. (retd) Raghubir Singh was unanimously elected sarpanch of Soda village. Rajawat says that her village has seen little development since his retirement 20 years ago. She is determined to improve the conditions for her villagers. Her priorities include, providing access to drinking water, reforestation, improved health services, education, alternate job opportunities, electricity, and construction of proper roads in Soda.

“I am just a village girl who has had an opportunity to study in some of the best institutions in the country and has only gone back home to work with and for her people. It’s as simple as that.”

Being a sarpanch doesn’t pay her much so she continues to work at the family-run Hotel Kailrugji in Jaipur and the Equest Horse Riding Academy she set up in Jaipur. Her message for the youth of India:

“Don’t run away from your roots because that is your foundation and the nation’s foundation too. If you want to make a difference, you have got to start at the bottom. There is so much one can do.”


  1. raghvendra sahai

    Dear Ms. Rajawat,

    I came across an article on you on TOI, and then saw an interview on youtube by South-South News. I am extremely impressed by your courage and vision. Learning about the living conditions in your village was heartbreaking, specially the lack of proper education for children. I hope and pray that you and your supporters will find the resources necessary to transform your village into a place which will become a shining example for the hundreds of thousands of other rural areas in India which need leaders like you. God bless you and all that you are doing for your people, and through them, for all of India.

    I don’t know what I can do to help, but I would very much like to do something!

    My best wishes for all your endeavours
    Raghvendra Sahai

  2. Kiran Patwardhan


  3. Shashikant S Jain

    Chhavi Rajawat,
    Respected Madam,
    It is really a very enthusiastic news to read about changing face of rural India particualrly as result of efforts devoted by highly educated woman’s initiative. The news come as a ray of hope in black night of long list curruption, bribism and …….. so on. One of the pioneers of upcoming and creative changes in this nation, wish you all successes, healthy and happy time. Sincerely pray god to protect your image from greedy politicians specially congressmen of current time, who have no slef pride and do anything for power. Would like to communicate more if you can spare some of the precious time for discussing issues.

  4. Vikas Kumar Khichar

    First of all congratulations on your UN visit and seminar. I was totally amazed when I first came to know about you via ‘The Hindu’.The work you are doing is simply incredible and we will also try to emulate you at our level and use RTI and government schemes for the village development.Hope you shine everyday and touch the topest target soon :)

  5. Hello Ms Chavi,
    I was pleased to read about you and your work.
    God Bless you
    With regards
    For Vasundhara Foundation, NGO
    Managing Trustee

  6. Chhavi, i have surfed all the availble information about you, seen all your interview videos, made an article for my blog on you. You are now role model for many. i promote your ideas to work for rural dvelopment.

  7. Hello Chhvi Ji,
    It is very good example set by you, to service the villagers after getting such higher education. It is a very good effort, most of the young people may attract to therii roots and do something for theri villages like you and Birla group. I want to cmmunicate the you may please emphasis on the Girl Child Education and give best results with the help of comuters. I wish u again for you mind blowing effort.
    A A Khan,

  8. Congratulations for doing a great job to the Indian village of Soda!

  9. Respected Ms. Rajawat,

    SUBJECT: Invitation for a Keynote Address at the first Model United Nations Conference of Sophia College for Women, Mumbai

    As Secretary of the International Relations Club of Sophia College, with great pleasure and privilege I, on behalf of the Sophia College for Women, extend a warm invitation to you to have a conversation with the students of our College.

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    Sophia College for Women, is an undergraduate Institution run by the Society for the Higher Education of Women in India – a Trust belonging to the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was founded in 1800 by Madeleine Sophie Barat, a visionary educationist.
    Besides receiving the BEST COLLEGE AWARD – University of Mumbai (2009-2010), Sophia College has also been NAAC RE-ACCREDITED A GRADE (2009) CGPA 3.61 on a scale of 4, (Highest in the Western region and one of the highest in India).

    A message from you, who are an inspiration to many women across the world, would be a great motivation for life for all of us studying here at Sophias and it would also be a proud feather in the cap of our education to share in your uniquely valuable experiences.

    Ma’am kindly accept our invitation and do not hesitate to write back any other ideas you may have for us as the educated youth of India,

    Thanking you in kind anticipation,

    Kind Regards,
    Shruti M. Parmar
    Sophia College International Relations Club
    M: + 91 9967495751
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  10. Tukaram jagdale

    Really great job. Trully india’s soul is in villages only. What is that by which you inspired to this? Doing similar job at my village will be greatful if you share your vison ,mission ,approch ,mental transformation of villagers for participation ,govt schemes details , ways to get corporate help , value additions to natural resources and many more pl. I am VP [o] in public ltd pune based co. Many best wishes ,ashirvads to you and all villagres. KEEP IT UP ALWAYS

  11. Tej Singh Kumpawat

    Keep it up Chhavi Baaisa..

    And dont forget to visit if u travel to or thru Ahmedabad..

    Chief Engineer

  12. hi,
    first of all congratlations to do something different .
    U will be history for every mang. Student.i m rajesh from haryana distt jajjar.
    bye best of luck

  13. Great!!!!!may each & every village have professionally qualified ladies like you,then we will witness a changed India.

  14. Hi…I feel really glad to know that there are people like you who’re this much connected to their roots & doing their best to enrich life of their people like you… I must say that Chhavi Rajawat will be a role model for our generation especially girls…!!
    I once again congratulate you & the people of Soda Village…!!

    Best Wishes,
    Prashant Azad

  15. Naveen Choudhary

    Congratulations! Best Wishes! Chhavi you are role model. system needs to be changed people need development then politics.
    I am working in company but wants to do what you are doing for your village.

  16. Very Commendable, good to see leadership evolving from the roots of our country. Best wishes for your future plans.

  17. Dear Chhavi ji,

    I am originally from Village – HUDAS (28 kms from LADNUN- DISTRICT NAGAUR) .My father came to work in Guwahati (Assam) in the year 1979. Its been 32 years since he has been working here. But still we have full contacts with our relatives and we make sure that we go to HUDAS twice a year.

    My elder brother (Niraj Pareek) also had a best of education just like you- schooling from WELHAM BOYSs’ SCHOOL, Dehra Dun – College from JAIN COLLEGE FROM BANGALORE & Post Graduation from XLRI, Jamshedpur. He worked in Accenture for more than 2 years in their HR Team. Then he also wanted work for the poor of our country. So, he left his well settled job and worked for a Micro-Finance company at Lucknow. After sometime, he launched his own Microfinance Company( ) along with others in Lucknow. They have also opened one Agri product company ( ) in Lucknow. They would be opening a dairy soon. He is doing all this so to could garner enough experience so that he could do something which would benefit our village people.

    I have been reading about you for long in the newspapers. You are doing great. I know someday, even my brother would leave all his work and be Sarpanch or in someway in Politics and will serve the poor.

    I am very proud of you and my brother as well.

    I will try to be like you people.


    Pradeep Pareek

  18. Great job Ms. Chavvi Rajawat !
    Wish you all success ahead.
    You have given enough inspiration to me, i will definitely do the miracle which you have done.
    Actuallymy dream is to serve the nation, society. whatever i have learnt, just wanna give it back to the society.
    My grandfather is working towards upliftment of rurals in Rajasthan (villages near Udaipur) & he is successful to some extent.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any support.
    i know you are independent person but still any help or support from my side will give me good feeling.
    Thank you & Regards…….

  19. Hi…I feel really glad to know that there are people like you who’re this much connected to their roots & doing their best to enrich life of their people like you… I must say that Chhavi Rajawat will be a role model for our generation especially girls…!!
    I once again congratulate you & the people of Soda Village…!!

  20. To Chavvi Rajawat,

    I’d like to congratulate you and the villagers for such a great achievement in your village. I just read this article about you and your village on and was very very proud, being an Indian, that an educated youth has stood up for the cause of the village. Makes me believe that there are a lot of people who are the ANNA HAZARE’S of this great country.

    I am a social activist and come from a village called Carmona in Goa which is run by uneducated puppets of the MLA of the constituency. Any suggestions given by educated youth has been suppressed by the uneducated goondas and such of the local MLA, who dominate the gram sabha proceedings. It has led to a situation that only these people now take decisions of the village.

    Reading this article about you gives me a case study and hope that education plays a major role in development at the top level. I will surely encourage educated youth to contest the forth coming elections and try and bring my village at least on the e-panchayat program.

    May God continue to Bless you’ll.

    Wishes from,
    Romeo Telles

  21. Hi…congrats on carrying on the project at such a brilliant level. Well my view to do something for our people in india has been made strong by your excellent effort which is impeccable.




  22. Keep up the good work Chhavi.
    People like you only make our countrymen proud of what we have and will achieve in future. You are like some of the few stars in otherwise dull skyline.
    You have a long way to go so maintain the same spirit and May God bless you.


  23. Chavi,

    It was very nice to see the column published in ET today, & hope every girl takes inspiration from you.

  24. Dear Sarpanch,

    I am really proud of YOU and your dedication towards your homeland. You are a great source of inspiration to all of us and the coming generations. You have defied all generic notions that one needs connections and money to introduce any improvement.

    I would love to contribute to your dreams!!!

    Neha Gupt

  25. Congratulations Chavvi. We need many more like you.

  26. @ Sarpanch….
    As per you stated that U n every Indian want to see India / our Nation at Its fullest peak of development …..!! Wut u think about other villages near by ur village…….!!! Right now the point is , how come ur village came to worst condition and Even NGO’s are doing the same work in every villages across INDIA ….. Why they are not able to convert Their projects to a success …What u wud like to Comment on Those NGOs and Please address Corrupted NGOs……….!!!!! …….. Why Rajasthan N why Not Whole INDIA …………!!! Please Address me …. !!

  27. Hello chhavi,

    It is great job you are doing. we like the e-schooling concept not only for villages but, urban poor too who migrate from villages and end up much worst conditions neither go back to their villages nor survives in towns or cities…

    Good Going..

    My suggestion is along with e-schooling imbibe good moral and family values from child stage itself and more than any thing self discipline make person perfect.. Today you are in this stage with hard at mind to see change means it has come with self discipline which you have adopted from your family and schools which you studied are so…

    And see all your village roads are min 33ft. roads that gives lot of change in the people attitude if they see good surrounding ..

    Setup small 5 seater BPO setup and Artifacts community center.. we can help you to provide some work to your NON-Profit BPO center…

    Welcome step.. you can raise funds thru

  28. Hi…
    its a rare scenario which we are experiencing here. very few people would do the thing which you have dared to do chavvi.

    it needs a courage to leave all the things which you have got after an education n struggle of 20 years of studies. n on top of that leaving the comfortable life which you might be enjoying.
    think its your self belief and inner voice which is keeping you on and on.
    please keep doing whatever you are doing.
    may god be with us all and make journey better and simpler.

  29. gaurav singh ghurayy

    well , I have always heard from people about backwardness of India’s villages but none of them has ever tried to enter the political milieu and tried to bring in change . every one criticize the politicians but none of us want to enter the dirty water . Under such scenario people like chhavi is definitely a ray of hope for our future .

  30. Chhavi
    Read your story on economic times today I’m very impressed the way you are bringing change to soda village. It takes a lot of courage to do such things. I want to say thanks to you from depth of my heart. Please let me know if I can contribute in any way, I’ll be more then happy to help you if it is in my possible limits.
    Once again congrats and best of luck

  31. Keep up the good work Sarpanch sahiba. We need more people like you in India where 80% of country’s population resides in villages. Our good wishes will always be with you. God bless.


  32. Dear Chhavi,

    I read about your work done previously and your participation in UN conference on poverty. I am impressed by the works done at grass root level. I had done MBA from MDI Gurgaon and work at IBM, Gurgaon in IT sector. I am interested in getting first hand knowledge of working of Panchayat.

    Once again I appreciate work done at SODA.


  33. Truly Inspiring.

    Chhavi, I wish you all the very best and success in your endeavours.

    Best wishes


  34. Dear Ms. Rajawat

    At the onset, excellent work done by you. A fantastic initiative undertaken to get Soda online.

    Being associated with the IT field (through my wife, who is a website designer), I can truly understand the herculene task of implementing systems which you have managed.. that too at a Village level.

    All the best Madam for your current and future endevours.

    With best regards

    Pariksheet Oza

  35. Congratulations Chhavi. Keep up the good work. I hope people of Soda will benefit a lot from your services. We need more self less people like you.
    All the best for your endeavors.

  36. Well done Chavi!

    Keep on running!

    Once you establish all that you want to do initially at Soda [which is progressing admirably], try to get the Administration to replicate your model elsewhere. It’s obviously starting to work well at Soda – the first baby steps, but am certain that things are going to roll out fine.

    Wishing you and everyone in Soda all success!


  37. Chhavi,
    Read your story in newspaper.I am really moved by your work and dedication. We need more Chhavis to change the condition of our India. Good Luck and best wishes. Hope we see more young girls in serving the poor villages of India.

  38. CA. Rahul Singhal

    Congratulations for breaking the ice…

    Many youngsters have been inspired from you…

    Developed India is not far away once the gap between “Bharat” and “India” is bridged by the educated young generation.

    Keep marching Keep inspiring

    Good Luck

    Rahul Singhal

  39. Thank you, Chhavi.
    You are an Inspiration.

    Keep updating the website with your work…
    And let others know what they can do to make things better.

    Best Regards,


  41. To go back to the place that you have come from and then improve the living standards of that place is the one of the greatest contributions that one can give to the society. Hoping that many more will take a step (including me) to do something on similar lines.


  42. shyamalendu Majee

    this kind of initiative is really necessary for the states like Rajasthan…i had over my two years mba at Jaipur….i looked the situations of Rajasthan somehow….the people of the state is very conservative…they dont have the broader mentality…except some cities like Jaipur, Udaipur etc…education city kota is not so developed as expected…so in this situation this kind of initiative is really necessary…this will really help to make broad mentality of people..

    thanks miss sarpanch…

  43. Wishing you all the best. May god give you more strength and courage to help the people..

  44. Truly inspirational & Highly motivational…
    Citizen Leadership is the future of our beautiful future and you are pioneer leader of it..
    I would love to meet you & visit your village …

    Let me recall 1 quote created by girl – LIMA from Afghanistan in SAARC leaders meet

    We are with you & I am sure you are with people like you in India !! … :)

    Cheers from bottom of the heart & best wishes…

  45. Hi Chavvi,

    kudos to you for being ‘the ONE’ who people look upto…for bringing radical positive changes to the society…for igniting thousand hopes…

    It’s indeed hard & you’ve been blessed to take this journey forward….

    God bless you with more strength…more dedication…more commitment

    Thanks….Pramod Arora

  46. Congratulations Ms. Chhavi Rajwat!

    It feels really great to read the kind of work u have done. U truely are a role model. Wishing you good luck for continuing such wonderful efforts.

    God Bless

  47. Dear Ms. Rajwat,

    Today I saw news about in Economic Times. I am really impressed about you & how you are taking your village ahead. Would like to congrats you for initiative & best of Luck for your future.

    You did really a great job.

    God Bless You

  48. Hi Ms. chavi,

    The article in Economic times is an inspiring one. I am really thrilled to see you go in a direction that majority will not be able to make decision but there are a good number who want to make difference or get part of the moment and I would encourage you to kick-start an initiative that can enable participation. I am confident this would be huge success. its a great opportunity to build a blue print of how a village be transformed and use it across making a big difference.

    I am equally excited to help you in my capacity and do let us know next time you want to do something and need ideas or help. All the very best as you lead this village to greater heights.


  49. Hi Chawi,
    Congratulations. Good job done.
    I work with a MNC in Mumbai on SAP field.
    Me and wife will be keen to come to your village to assist you in whatever capacity.
    All the best

  50. I salute you Ms .Chavvi Rajawat.You are a true indian,which not only made our country proud,but also took the story of success of soda to abroad,by which people came to know,that the legacy of sacrificing and feeling of patriotism is carrying by an indian,in a way,which nobody thought ever.My best wishes are always with you,i will always pray for your success,god bless you.

  51. Salute!!
    Feel great about the fact that we have people from young generation who are ready to stay intouch with roots !!

  52. Hello Miss Chavvi.
    i am also an MBA and i really salute you for your solidarity & courage.
    After MBA most of us looks for packages only i.e. for self only but rare are the ones like you who could contribute to the society.
    I have also done MBA from Sri Balaji Society, BIMM, Pune and its very jovial to learn that you belongs to our college.

    God bless you and your village.

  53. Hello Ms. Chavv,
    Your are the star Not ANNA HAZARE who is making fake popularity.
    You must be a roll model of our youths where
    all are tied up with reality shows.
    Keep updates the website.

    God Bless you.
    Best Regards,
    Jeddah- Saudi Arabia

  54. Hi Chavvi, It is just great.
    It is really touching to read ““I am just a village girl who has had an opportunity to study in some of the best institutions in the country and has only gone back home to work with and for her people. It’s as simple as that.”.
    I hope you keep this momentum…and go level ahead to District ,state..and India.


  55. Ms Chaavi,
    You just inspired me!

    With best wishes

  56. Dear Ms. Chhavi,
    Heartiest Congratulation on the achievments. The most commendable in todays time is that someone like you sacrifice the career and go back to your route.
    Indeed I see their also motivation. This works fine when someone is financially capable to manage his/her own living.
    I tried something for my village’s school (Deogoan, Ajmer Dist) to wake them up, I was and I am ready to organise the fund but since last 3 years no progress.

    I will try it again quoting your story.
    Do let us know if we can be helpful to you.
    God bless you and give enough courage to improve the life of others.
    Very inspiring
    Yogesh Nama

  57. Sharanjeet Singh


    Your dedication and level of achievement is a source of inspiration for young generation. You have worked for the REAL INDIA. Hope u keep on doing well and reach new heights.

  58. padmavathi prabakar

    Namashkar to
    Sarpanch of Inda.
    Time started to into us and within us – we wish still finner details about population- composition with age groups adult , infants , aged , male, female.
    no., of drinking water holes, irrigated land/ dry land / forest/ green cover extended in the past – proposed for future. will definitely set eg and expose the miss -governance so for done macro management. pay way to visualize the true Gandhian Indian in every Indian.

  59. Bhushan Shenolikar

    HI, Chhavi

    It was truly inspiring to read your story in today newspaper.

    Heartiest congratulations to you.

    Technology is the current need for the Indian villages

  60. Dear Ms. Rajawat,

    Congratulations and Best Wishes for the tasks that you are doing. Though miles away from US, you are surely a lighting example to women all over the world and especially in India where people and development takes a back seat for the higher-ups.
    As long as you are in this position, please make sure that your legacy is carried forward in times to come.

    God Bless.

  61. Excellent work…I wishes you all the best for your future.

  62. Keep up the good work. You may also look into tying up with Art of living for programes in organic farming, soil conservation and also for the health of the village folks……

  63. Dear Sarpanch,

    Hats off to you and your villagers, you are really showing a way to indian youths.
    I wish to visit your village.

  64. Hi,

    Hats off to you!!!

    It is people like you who are the examples to follow.

  65. Prithviraj Bhoite

    Technology and strict policies are the only way forward. And I guess you have press the right chord to bridge the gap between rural and urban divide. Opportunities come from infrastructure – schools, roads, water, housing etc. We the people of India are not asking for opportunities, but the basic needs and rightful needs that as a human each one should get. Anyways one courageous person has to sow the seed to grow the plant.. and I guess you are doing exactly that.

    Of course would rightly like to contribute. Infact we need a framework a model which could be designed and implemented in every village of India, which gives the people their rightful basic needs… just thinking how do we do it.

  66. Dear Ms. Rajawat,

    I am really flatten by your work; You set as example for us. I have good experience in water supply, water managment and water resources field.

    If you want to do any projects related to these fields, i will help you for sure.

    Hats off you..keep up the good work.




  67. Hi Ms.Rajawat:

    It is interesting to read your paryash for the development !
    Keep up the good work !

    Imtiaz Ahmad
    Sacramento, California

  68. Ms. Chhavi Rajavat,

    I am very impressed by reading about your good works to improve the life in your village. Good roads, schools, clean drinking water, electricity etc. are essential for good health and modern living. May God give you success to you in all your future efforts. I will make it a point to visit your village and you when I visit Rajasthan next.

    Mahesh Gupta
    Houston, Texas

  69. Dear Ms.Chhavi Rajawat,

    Heartily Congratulations! for this great achievement.
    I must appreciate your pursuation,commitment and enthusiasm towards the same.

    I also belongs to a small village (Ubharan,Dist:Sabarkantha) in Gujarat. We need to learn lesson from you.
    I thing, transformation of Indian villages are required to be forefront in the global map.

    God may bless you.



    Chirag H.Shah

  70. hi,

    i read about chavvy rajawat a few times in news and am feeling good. best wishes to the sarpanch and its a unique idea that all government post holders (IPS,IAS,collectors,sarpanch) shud be accessible by email id like present for chavvy rajawat ( and there shud be KPI (key performing indicators) for them to reply the email within 48 hours and the reply or the communication could be held as valid document.

    respected sarpanch, you are doing a great job and hope other sarpanch follow in your foot step. especially coming from a state also known for female foeticide and child marriage and kudos to your great parents whom i guess must have inspired and supported you.

    am overwhelmed by the news.

  71. Dear chavvy

    I read about you in a newspaper.The news made me currious to look further,partly in disbelief and partly in hope of feelgood factor.
    I think I did the right thing having reached your website.
    I live away from India but my sentiments are primed to chime with a story like yours.I read JK and influenced by his concept of action and not get bogged down in ideas.
    I suppose you have achieved it.
    I have son and daughter who have been to LSE to study economics.They are well meaning and long to hear alternative stories to bollywood.I believe you have provided one.
    Many thanks and wish we can be in touch in some way.
    Good luck you (you need plenty). Manoj

  72. madam chavvi, honorable job, realy amazing for a qualified rich INDIAN girl working for the basic rights of villagers for whose deeds INDIA is to-day,
    “service to mankind is service to GOD”
    hope you will be a role model for others to get motivated
    keep working for poor villagers/farmers ( producing food for every INDIAN & still remain starved )


  73. Dear Chhavi,

    I saw your news article in Techgig. It is very impressive.

    India needs people like you, who can think of Social Work at so young age.

    I wish you ALL THE BEST.

    Manoj Sarda

  74. Dear Chavvi, So nice to read about you and your village and the plans that you have in making some of the basic needs come true for your village. I wish you the best for all your work and projects.

    Please keep your website updated and let us know how we can support your work and village.

    Best wishes, Naresh

  75. We have a comprehensive egovernance product portfolio & we can do a much more detailed & cost effective work than international products as money or profit is not the criteria here, its a matter of pride to serve our country with good egovernance products & help the poorest, give us a chance to meet / prove our mettle Chhavi!

    Thanks in Anticipation.


  76. Dear Ms Chhavi,

    Today I read an article about you on and watched your interview on youtube. I must say that our Indian villages needs people like you for the overall development. In a village like Rajasthan where the girl child has been consider lower than boys, I will request you to raise the education level in your area specially for girls. We are really proud of you and will pray to GOD that you succeed in all of your plans.


  77. Dear Ms Chavvi Rajawat,

    I have read an article about you and your efforts put in developing soda in Economic Times today (

    I was very impressed with the way you tackled the issues and at your will power to uplift poverty.

    Certainly IT is the only ray of hope to eradicate most common and basic issues faced by society like poverty & illitracy.

    We need to make everyone involved and should take collective decisions and keep everyone informed about what is being done and how that would benefit them.

    I hope and strongly believe that, God will give you more strength and courage to address more and more issues.

    Raghavendra Sai Akkinapragada
    United Kingdom.

  78. Dear Chhavi,

    Thanks for all your efforts and appreciate your work at SODA. Specially implementation of SAP.
    That’s going to be a good example for Govt to centralize everything.
    I am an Engineer and work at HCL, Mumbai. I am looking forward to be a part of some initiative than can give education to under privileged children.


  79. Dear Chhavi,
    Heartiest congratulations on your worthy initiatives.
    We at DoctorsForYou would be keen to explore possibility of running a health centre on a long term basis in Soda.
    We are currently running one in urban slums of Mumbai and another one (maternal and child health) in Biratpur, Bihar which has been successfully handed over to local population.
    I look forward to collaboration and engagement between two teams.
    Yours truly,
    Vivek Chhabra
    International Coordinator
    DoctorsForYou (BMJ & SAARC Youth Award winners)

  80. Dear Ms. Rawat,
    I am greatly impressed with your efforts and your out of the box thinking to bring about the radical change in your village and its inmates. Simply a great job.
    My best wishes for you and your village. May this goodness radiate and reaches others too so that not only SODA but the entire rural scenario of the country shines in the light of development, good governance and in well being of its countrymen.
    I also liked some of the photos posted on your village site. They are truly beautiful.
    Keep it up.

    Pankaj Saxena

  81. Dear chhavi

    its gr8 to know that u are in process of transfroming yr villege into morden e-connected and e-governed villege.

    I request you to share your experiences while making a way through our rigid admin process and new ways you found during such experiences to get work done from beaurocracy.

    This should help lot similar people with similar initiatives.

    Keep it up


  82. Hi Chavi, Congrats!! that you caught attention of leading newspaper in India.
    Especially impressed with your efforts of using Internet and Technolgy to empower village life. As a SAP programmer, Happy to here SAP is behind your project. Very much Excited to see how SAP is implemented in your village?

    Would be nice :) if I can be of any use to your project.
    -Amol Deshpande (Pune)

  83. Hi Chhavi,

    G8 work..I am also a s/w professional..and let me know if I can help you in ur mission.

    Keep it up..All the very Best..


  84. HI, Chhavi

    Great work.

    Mother India needs people like to change the faith of our village & villagers.

    You are surely a lighting & inspiring example to women all over the world and especially in India where people and development takes a back seat for the higher-ups.

    Heartiest congratulations to you & Best Wishes.

  85. HI Chaavi

    Congratulations . You are a role model for the entire India.


    Congratulations . You are a role model for the entire India.

  87. Dear Chavvi

    Congratulations for the great start you have made. Wish you tons of luck for your future endevours.


  88. Hi Ma’am

    You r doing a great job……I think people have to learn something from you.
    All the best for all your future plans for the village & villagers.

    Thanks & regards,

  89. Hi Chavi,

    We proud of you. Keep it up. You should also inspire the others to follow the same in other villages.

    Best Regards,
    Dhaval Panchal

  90. hi Chhavi,
    Congratulations! for making first IT-Enabled village of INDIA being an MBA.keep it up. Now India requires the persons like you in every field who can think about our country.


  91. Hello Chavi,
    Hats off to you and the people of Soda (Rajasthan). You are doing a great job and inspiring us who are still thinking how to support and help the underprivileged in India.

  92. Hello Chavi,
    Hats off to you and the people of Soda (Rajasthan). You are doing a great job and inspiring us who are still thinking how to support and help the underprivileged in India.
    Raju Roy
    West Bengal

  93. excellent ….good stuff

  94. Dear Chhavi

    We proud on you great job…

  95. Hi Chhavi
    I am highly impressed by your work. You have done a wonderful job. Keep it up.

    Thanks and regards

    Mritunjay Kumar Chourasia
    Bijoy Commercial Industries
    At – Bhendra’
    P.O. – Gomoh,
    Distt – Bokaro
    Jharkhand – 828401

  96. Ashok Kumar Reddy

    Hi Ms Chhavi,

    I Always think of helping people of of my Village in some means as i was working far from my Village.

    I got Inspiration from you .

    Please keep up Good Work

    Best Regards,

  97. Hi Chhavi,
    Congratulations !!!! Gr8 job done by u..May God Bless u..All the very best.

    Ashiwani Suthar

  98. Hello Chhavi Rajawat,
    Hats off to you and the people of Soda (Rajasthan). u really doing a great job. You will be defiantly successful in ur mission.All the best for u


    KEEP IT UP!!!


  100. Hats off to you and the people of Soda (Rajasthan). Keep it up.
    Take other villages around your village in the next stage .

  101. Hi Chhavi,

    Done really a great job!!!
    I really appreaciate your efforts done till now.
    I wish you to create millions of people somehow by training or guiding so that every village in enire country should be transformed to better places so that entire india can become the best place in the world.

    Thanks once again.


  102. very good thinking chhavi ji…

  103. Well Done. Keep it up

  104. Great Job done. Keep it up!!!!!!

  105. Dear Ms. Rajawat,
    Congratulations for doing a great job to the Indian village of Soda!

  106. Good Job Chaaviji,
    We do have same kind of village Raj-Samdhiyada in Rajkot dist. of Gujarat also, though it is not IT enabled but Its one of the best village to live in India.

    30 years back one man named Baldevbhai elected as the Surpanch of that village and entirely changed the face of village.

    Few highlights are as follows
    1) Not a single FIR registered in last 30 years
    2) Per head income is equal to Rs 30000
    3) People do not celebrate those festival that would cause any kind of pollution
    4) They have there own committee of senior villagers to deal with quarrel and disputes between villagers.
    4) People do not lock there home or shops ever.
    5) Polythenes are banned.
    6) Village has so many check dams and more than 60000 trees
    7) All street connected with RCC roads
    8) no garbage, no cow dungs, neat and clean village

    This is just a tip of the iceberg.

    I hope some day migration will start from metros to villages

  107. Dear Chhavi,
    Impressed by the job being executed by u in our Area. Ours is an xtremely poor village. My heart aches, but can’t help as none of our villagers is wealthy, even the Sarpanch is an absolute illetrate guy, he belongs to a Scheduled Tribe & never even seen an elememtary educatonal institution not to talk of the higher study, got only elected thanks to the Seat Reservation, reasulting to NO HELP TO OUR ENTIRE GRAM PANCHAYAT, even the earlier ones were no different to him.
    Few guys like me are busy making thier both ends meet, as they neither have got a wealthy family nor a Kailrugji (writing in positive spirit only) & therefor unable to venture out like you. Kindly advise.

    I’m currently working in an MNC as a Branch Manager at Jaipur.
    My Village : Near Malpura.

  108. Dear Chhavi…..hats of to you….done really a gr8 job…I really appreaciate your efforts. You are inspiration for young generation……congratulation …india need leaders like you….congrats once again & best of luck for future….

    Gaurav Sangwan
    Meerut ( U.P )

  109. To
    sarpanch chhavi ji
    many many congratulation to u and the people of soda village. you are a great inspritation to all the youth of india. may the great god bless u and fullfill your all dreams.
    with regards
    vicky rajawat
    jai hind

  110. very good

  111. Gajendra Shankhwar

    Hello Ji,

    I just saw your Soda website and kind of work you have done for your village its really great example you’ve set for others ….

    If you start a big thing then you may be fail to do sometimes even when your intentions are right but if u start from a small thing, definitely it will be a big someday…!

    Regards !!

  112. I would like to work with you , please do let me know if i can help in any way .

  113. Respect !!

  114. Congratulations,

    Your story is really inspiration to all youth of the nation.
    I am MBA graduate and from small town of Maharashtra.
    I want to guidance to improve the province where I am staying.

    By Salute to you.

    Bhupesh Jaware

  115. Dear Chhavi,

    First, of all my highest regards to your parents for giving you such ethics,education.

    Secondly, obviously to you for leaving aside luxurious life you may have received after studying abroad. But for the cause of people you left everything behind and worked for people.

    Such determination and honesty is required in whole country. Soda is a small entity, please think if you can do something of the sort of Anna Hazare such that your vision can help country as a whole.

    Tons of wishes from me for your this endeavor.

    Best regards,
    Sorabh Bhardwaj

  116. Well Done….Ms. Chaavi..
    I am inspired from your actions taken for the SODA village. You will be blessed with the blessings of the almighty GOD…MAY GOD BLESS YOU…

  117. Respected Chhavi ji

    I glad to heard and see your working and appreciate your work whatever you done for upliftment of the society and village like soda. Your vision is very powerful and will prove remarkable.

    Further, I want to invite you and offer you to be a part of our projected N.G.O. so that we can work together in the welfare of society if your agree and have some time out of your valuable time.

    Warm wishes and reagards.

    Sunil Bhardwaj, Advocate
    Taxation consultant, Rewari (Haryana)
    contact : 9812515151

  118. Ms. Chaavi,

    I felt nice reading about achivements and your future plans for ‘Soda’ village.

    India needs more Chaavis…

    Congratulations to you and keep it up..

    Warm Regards
    Raja Manickam

  119. Hi chhavi

    I am proud of you. You r working best. I pray for u that u success your work.

    God bless u.

    Shilendra Garg


    Respected madam,
    Warm Greetings.god bless you for your wonderful job to go to grass route level and work.As Soka Gakkai International president Dr.Daisaku Ikeda says,all great revolutions starts from a single person’s human revolution,your work to the soda village a great boon.please keep it up and give us also a chance to help you as and when required.
    With Warm Regards

  121. Hi, Chhavi
    I am very glad and impressive to see you a founder of development in your own village as a girl. congret’s
    Your work is motivating to all whom who belong to small villages, but after higher education they left own basic land for to earn money.
    My sister want to make CS and want to change a system in india, I suggest her to improve first her own land. God Bless you and Carry on development process of village, one day you sure get success from my heart.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Manish Agrawal

  122. NAMASTEY,
    you have done a great job,
    As i had read an article “YOUNGEST SARPANCH of India” in the OUTLOOK magazine, soon i became a fan of you. now you are a roll-model for me.
    i am also from a small village so understand, what kind of life peoples have in a village. you are like a “RAY of light” for all the peoples living in villages, they expect that their SARPANCHs also do work like you & transform their village too.
    i think you are a mentor today and all the politicians have to learn from you that for what kind of work peoples elect them as their leaders.

    thank you so much & my wishes are always with you.

  123. Hai Chavvi,
    Really nice initiative and also a learning experience for the youth, who can derive motivation from your hard work and dedication to your roots. Really inspiring. I would wish you more success and may God help you in achieving more and more success and taking your village to a next level of empowerment, innovation of new ideas and enlightening the future of the coming generations.

    In this manly world taking up such a work and leading up is really a inspiration for all the females. All the females can learn this from you.

    Wish you all success in life.

  124. Atif Ahmed Siddiqui

    Ms. Chhavi Rajawat
    Have a good day

    I am highly impressed.
    I have no word to say—- The work you are doing is really great.
    Everyone should learn from you, Nobody cares about villager,they need our support they don’t have resources, an idea etc. Its our resposibility , We only blame to politicians they are not doing anything fact is that we don’t want to do anything accept that expecting others. I know they are responsible but we should initiate. We should tight our belt and thing positive.
    I did MBA presently working in Saudi Arabia whenever I watch news on TV only about Rape cases, Bribe Cases, This ghotala that ghotala really I was tired but your news gave me lots of relax thank you so much.
    Wish you all success ahead.
    Insha-Allah You will be defiantly successful in your mission
    I will pray- keep it up.
    Take Care

  125. Heartiest Congratulations….!!!!!

    You are doing great work Ms Chaavi…..!!! I would like to salute you for the same…!!!

    Best of luck for your future assignments…..!!!!



  127. Hi Chhavi,

    Today I read on yahoo with heading “Youngest Female Sarpanch Makes Her Village IT-Enabled”.
    You are doing most apprecialbe work for your own mother land. Every Indian should be proud of you.
    Keep it up!!

  128. Dear Chhavi Madam,

    U are doing best efforts for the mankind and to serve the nation by setting up an example to others. My best wishes are for you. There are other schemes for the Villagers at their doorstep implementing by the Govt. Departments like CAPART, KVIC.

    with good wishes,

    Dahiya k.s.

  129. Hi Chavvi

    Congrats!! Great work!! Many more should follow either in deed or by monetary contribution and change the face of India which I believe is quiet possible. Anna Hazare has also transformed his village Ralegan Siddhi which was in dire state and now there is a sea change in the village which has now became self-sufficient. If Gov can get all the black money stashed abroad and in our own country and use it for development purpose, I am sure that day will not be far when we will one of the most developed country.


  130. Good luck and God Bless you, Chaviji

  131. Hi Chavvi,

    Most of us ( Youth of India ) are good for nothing but cribbing about the sad state of the nation while enjoying life in Metros. But you are a perfect example of what youth should be like. I would request you to please maintain a regular blog (if you are not already) so that people can learn from your your regular experiences at the same time can do meaningful dialogue with you.

    Best wishes to you and a grand salute.
    -Manish Baphna

  132. Hi mam
    Myself Kuldeep Singh Tanwar working in an Mnc as a Software developer.Mam i m also belongs to a place that is rural near mahendergarh distt.. i m inspired with ur effrots and want do some thing better for my village..
    Thanx for relasing me that i have to do some thing for my motherland…

  133. you have done really a great job.. salute to your dedication..

  134. You are really done a great job. In India we need like you then our society will look great change. heads up :)

  135. Hi,
    your work is deadly good and i full support to facebook and any social site.

  136. Unimaginable ! Let you be an inspiration for today’s Generation .

  137. Dear Ms. Rajawat,
    Myself Navin Ahlawat working in Delhi as a Associate Professor .I a belongs to a Village in distt Muzaffar nagar UP. I am inspired with ur effrots and want do some thing better for my village also.Thanx for relasing me that i have to do some thing for my motherland.

    You are doing great work Ms Chaavi…..!!! I would like to salute you for the same…!!!please keep it up and give us also a chance to help you as and when required.

    Best of luck for your future assignments…..!!!

    Navin Ahlawat

  138. I have shared your efforts with my kids and family , a baby girl in class 5 and a baby boy in class 1 . They are also inspired with your efforts , and sending regards to you.

    keep it up.


    Srishti Ahlawat
    Suryansh Ahlawat
    Ekta Singh
    Navin Ahlawat

  139. Hi Chavvi,

    You done a remarkable job, you created a milestone amoung all the youngsters. Reminded me the movie ‘Swadesh’, that was a reel moive and you make this happen in reality.

    There are very few people who think about the society. which you did.

    Hats off to you.

    Anil Rana

  140. Your efforts are very much appreciated and its very inspiring too. All the very best !!

  141. Hats off Mam..
    I wish you all success in your life for the Soda village and for India.
    Surely one or the other will encouraged and contribute to grow India liken anything.
    Heart-full thanks for your contribute to develop the India..
    A small request please also look after Agriculture of Soda village..

    Good Luck… God be with you always..

  142. Chhavi Rajawat ROCKS….. Every village must have one Chhavi Rajawat instead of the dumb Sarpanch… Once again my heartiest congratulation to you and keep up the good work….

  143. New Age definition of Indian politics… Keep up your good work

  144. Hello Chhavi,

    Jaipur is my hometown but I live in San Francisco, US. I would love to help you in your cause.
    Please let me know if you need help with fundraising.
    Thank you,

  145. Hi Chavvi,

    Congrats for the great job..!!

  146. Mam, I m really impressed with ur thinking and work. I have done M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab and is lecturer (the profession i chose) to serve the community with whatever i can.
    Its the duty of all of us especially the youngsters like us to take up the challenges to erradicate the basic necessities of our village.
    As i do spend lots of time in my village too so I would be obliged and will be more than thankful if i could participate in ur works.
    I shall always be waiting for giving my inputs.

  147. Hello Chavi,
    Great job done….

  148. Way to go Chhavi!
    I would be pleased to be part of your work.



  150. GREAT Work SARPANCH…. hope every village has a sarpanch like you, to think, plan and then execute….

  151. Hi Chavvy
    Thats where education and vision matters.I read about you and your work for your village at yahoo portal.We need more and more youngsters like you who feel for their communities and country.Keep it up and educate people about their right to vote for their future and population control.Keep it up.Once again congrats to you and the worthy parents of yours.

  152. Dear Sarpanch Chhavi,
    Nice to see you on yahoo home page.our young generation is the future of the country.Your hard work and desire to get your village on world map is really Appreciable.
    we are providing IT services for educational institution in your area, if you need any kind of help regarding, we can go ahead with you for your cause.


  153. Deeply appreciable work ……we need such kind of witching and enlightened leader who can change the things,change the system…..y don’t u come in state level and central level politics
    wish you all the best for your work.

    Samarth Gupta

  154. Highly impressed.Now nobody can stop India to move ahead.Good wishes.

  155. Vivek Kumar Namdeo

    Congratulations for this great job done…
    May it continues for the future development of our country as well….
    Boond Boond se hi sagar banta hai and you are doing the best work of develpoment…
    All the Best for further works..

  156. Congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing there.. U have inspired many ppl by now.. Now we can see many more such ppl coming forward like this..

  157. Ramesh Kumar Saini

    Keep it up Chhavi,……………..
    Really INDIA needs the young leader like you to get growth. India can never be a developed country in the world with the help of today’s leaders. keep it up…………………………………….

    Ramesh Kumar Saini
    Soft. Eng.

  158. Chhavi

    The need of hour for our country is young leaders like you. You have set an example for others. Today I sent your story to at least 200 friends of mine thru mail.

    Please, for God’s sake, do not get converted into prototype mould of today’s politicians. We are fed up of them. You could be a sarpanch of a small village in a backward district in Rajsthan today. But, You will be a pioneer to inspire the youth to come forward to lead the people, to represent the people. So maintain transparency and honesty and keep away corrupt people from your vicinity. God bless you, beta. The old generation has failed to fulfill its duties. You are hope of tomorrow’s India.

    All the best to you to maintain your originality.

  159. Hi Chhavi,

    INDIA and its villages are changing NOW with the leader like you. I salute your commitment and zest to work for village and villagers. I believe that INDIA’s development in real sense starts from the bottom. A long way to go but every such initiative can make the difference.

    You are not a social worker celebrity whom we get to see on most of news channel, you are working at the root level.

    You are an inspiration for many such villagers who have been fortunate enough to receive higher education. I want to congratulate you for being such an inspiration and wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. I am from KOJRA, Dist. – Sirohi, RAJASTHAN.

    Do let me know if I could be a drop of support in your efforts!

    Sohil Trivedi
    Most Common Job (Softwares)

  160. Ms. Chavi,

    You have proved that will power is more important than anything else. I congratulate you for the exmaple you have set by work.
    Now, time has came when every one has to start the initiate at his own level. We should not look towards our great (corrupt) leaders (irrespective of parties) . The great thing, in my view, you have done is the feeling of self reliance which you inculcated in the villagers.
    My best wishes.
    Ratan Lal Jat

  161. India needs person like you who inspire us by your services to your root,wish we had many more selfless people like should be an eye opener to those who think the development of a country means forcefully acquiring farm land for making it a concrete jungle and in this process creating more and more land less farmers,the community which feed whole nation but is got no voice of its own in so called micromanaged development by those who just swapped power from foreigners who ruled us for many centuries.i feel proud of people like you who work among less privileged without any self interest….may lord of universe be by your side always.

  162. Thums up to you Chhavi…
    Great work done.
    Would like to be part of your team.
    Best Wishes & Regards,

  163. Hi Chhavi,
    Congratulations for this great job done…
    Really INDIA needs the young leader like you to get growth. Please, for God’s sake, do not get converted into prototype mould of today’s politicians.
    wish you all the best for your work.

    With great Regard
    Yamesh Pandey

  164. Chhavi,

    What you are doing is a dream for me and I always wanted to do.
    One can create an impact by starting from the bottom. I would love to visit your village in one of my next trips to India or talk and see how my village can be supported.


  165. this is awsme work u are doing i wish all the indian people just adopt the way of honesty and trying to maoke india on TOP…there are alot this to invent stillll sooo remove the cast and religion Bars cme forword….We the People We the democracy.

  166. Dear madam,

    Great to hear about your dedicated contribution towards the betterment of your own village. If every citizen comes to know about his responsibility for the Nation, then very soon country will be free poverty, underdevelopment and other mallices that are prevalent today.

    I would like to add here that I also cherished the same dream as you had and want to do something for the betterment of the society.Kindly guide me in the way in which it can be done. I will be thankful to you if you enlighten me in this regard and share your valuable views.

    With regards and respect


  167. Great work Chhavi. As a Indian and Village guy I appreciate you very much and wish you a very happy forthcoming carrier in your village.

  168. Hi Chhavi,
    Extremely Congratulations for this great Job……..
    keep it up Chhavi…………
    I Would like to be a part of your team.
    I would like to visit your village very soon………

    Best Wishes & Regards,
    Ar. Sunit taneja
    Alwar. (Rajasthan)

  169. Dear Sarpanch Chhavi Rajjawat ji,
    I was very much surprised after looking an article on the net. Thus hatts off to the initation taken by you for your villagers. I was just wondering that a single girl can change the face of complete village so its a inspirational lesson for all our youngster girls & boys & i request to donate to this village by some or other means so that first time in india a history can be created of a role model developed by a Young Literate Sarpanch of Soda village.
    Hatts off to the initation, courage & batteling for the welfare of ur villagers.

    Mayur Lalwani
    Bussiness Manager
    Cipla Ltd, Nasik

  170. Hello,

    Congratualtions on your work in the Village.

    I have read your work today for the first time that also only small part. I am a Software developer, I would like to offer my service if required, which I have under my reach.



  171. Sarpanchji,

    I am really glad and awe-struck by the dedication and diligence that you have shown in going back to your hometown and work for needy.
    Your deeds are exemplary and I hope the educated class draws inspiration from you to go back to our roots and contribute to India rather than work for foreign companies and MNCs.

    I have a suggestion to make though. While you go about revamping the village and ‘reforming’ the society and bringing technology to the doorstep, please do not compromise on the pristine culture, the values that this country owns.

    I feel development and progress should not be at the cost of Nature. Technology should be only to assist Man and make things easier and should not become the be-all-and-end-all.

    All the Best in your endeavours!!

  172. Truly Inspiring……………….. Great Work.

  173. I am really thankful to god that he send some people to inspire and do wonderful jobs .
    And you are one of those …
    Hope that the good work is replicated in other parts of the country and the world ( Developing)


    Trinetra – Nepal

  174. hallo mam,

    Salute to your courage- from corporate to rural development.
    keep it up, your work is encouragement to all of us.


  175. Had I been Ashutosh Gowarikar, I would have made Swadesh-II on you .
    Great Work..!!

  176. Hi Madam

    Really u r inspiring mam, Everyone has to take responsible for the growth of the nation.

    Best regards,
    Raman Jp

  177. Hi Chhavi,
    It is realy impree me that still there is hope is left for india.
    You are realy doing well.
    My self I am B.Com graduate & Diploma in Finance & IT.
    I am working in once of the MNC as IT manager in Mumbai.
    Some time we feel bad for our part that we are unable to do this kinf of Social work for Society.
    Please let me know if I can help you in any matter?

    Best Regards,
    Kaushik Maru

  178. Hiee Sarpanch Ji….

    I am really impressed by you n with your work too. Now we Indians need people like you to quit all our problems. And as well I am really feeling sad, b’caz we don’t have a leader like you.

    Anyways, Congrats for your achievement.

  179. Hi Chhavi,

    You are the one who can make us proud to be an Indian. I can not even imagine that what kind of patience and struggle you have. You are doing what I want to do but for me it will take minimum 2 years more to go back my Village. You are proving the line “You have to in the system to change the system”

    I really appreciate your doing and thanks for encouraging the young generation of India. My all praises goes with you

    Warm Wishes
    Anil Singh and friends

  180. Hi Madam..

    Congratulations for ur great job.. Really India needs persons like u to uplift our Nation. Really impressive mam. I would like to be a part of your team.

    Thanks& Regards,

  181. Hi Chhavi

    Your work blooms like lotus in mud and what a slap on the face of today’s politicians who in contrast and despite getting funds do not develop our villages. The satisfaction you get out of this work is your great reward! Keep it up and enjoy life to the hilt by such activities. All other things are waste of time and life.



  182. Hi,

    You have really done the great job. It is really a good example for others, who had done their heigher studies and saying nothing is going to change in india.

  183. The work you have done is very inspiring! All the best!

  184. Great work Madam.You are an inspiration to all of us.Keep it up.
    Joint B.D.O.

  185. Hello Sarpanch Ji,

    People like you are the real hero of the country. The work you doing is absolutely fantastic and amazing. You are a real inspiration for all of us, people like you only proves that future of India and Indians is in safe hands because if only 5-10% population of our country only starts working like you than india can become a very powerful economically as well as our living standard can be increase dramatically and through this way only we and our comming generation can have a well educated and un-corrupted INDIA.
    I also wish to do some thing like you mam if you can guide it will be privilege to work under you or under your guidance. My Id is if you wish then please contact me.

    Good Luck Mam.

  186. Hello Sarpanch Ji,

    People like you are the real hero of the country. The work you doing is absolutely fantastic and amazing. You are a real inspiration for all of us, people like you only proves that future of India and Indians is in safe hands because if only 5-10% population of our country only starts working like you than india can become a very powerful economically as well as our living standard can be increase dramatically and through this way only we and our comming generation can have a well educated and un-corrupted INDIA.
    I also wish to do some thing like you mam if you can guide it will be privilege to work under you or under your guidance. My Id is if you wish then please contact me.

    Iqbal H. Khan
    Software Engineer

  187. Dear Chhavi,

    At first, I must appreciate your decision for shouldering such a responsibility to head an Indian village and abandoning a promising career. It is truly a step that needs a lot of courage, vision and a sense of sacrifice for your community. I came to know today that you could connect your village to the outer world through internet. I must congratulate you and the people of the Soda village on this occasion for braving all the odds.
    I am also an MBA and doing my PhD in international rural development at the University of Reading, UK. It is my wish to visit your village as and when I visit India next time.
    Could you please let me know the agro-climatic conditions of your village and major crops and the state of water resources? I wish to extend some help, if possible. You may write me back at
    With best wishes
    Sukhwinder Singh
    +44 0755 281 5611

  188. Hi Chhavi,
    It’s one hell of a job done by you its really astonishing where govt fail to implement such facilities in all across the villages of India you did it .From your act it shows there is a will there is way.I wish all the Sarpanch’s to get inspired by you and act on it.I hope you should lead the path to show others how can they do it for their villages. i wish you all the best to you and your village.God bless you.

    Ashis Samantaray

  189. Hi Madam,
    I was happy to read that a highly educated lady is the sarpanch of a village that needs a lot of development. Women though are involved in social work today, an MBA working at grass root level is a rare sight to see. I realize how difficult it might be to implement all the schemes for the village utilizing funds provided by Government. You may be facing several problems in the way but your determination is what inspires many. Will be happy to see your village & many like it in our country developed. Keep updating the site. Will be glad to support the noble cause.
    Best wishes..
    Rupesh, Pune.

  190. Dear Madam,
    I am really impressed with your dedication towards society . all the best and keep this things going , me working with an pharma company as regional manager so in case you ever plan to organise any medical camp then we could be of some help for this society .

  191. Dear Madam,
    First of all congratulations !!!!!!! Its good to see there is some ray of hope for develpoment of villages in India. There are many people required like you. I am also from a village in Gujarat called Sarigam. I welcome you to visit our village.
    My Best wishes are with you…….
    Bhushan Arekar

  192. With Great Salute to you Chhavi,

    I just found the news about you and your role in the development of extremely backward village in Rajasthan.

    I am an electrical engineer working in the field of renewable energy development in USA but always try to understand the energy needs of India and working on developing some renewable projects which can give the energy freedom to every person in India so I always welcome you to share the ideas about that and I will be more than happy to explain in details about the ways to get the cheapest energy from Renewable Energy sources like the SUN. you will be my inspirer for rest of my life as I want to create a revolution in Indian Energy Sector with maximum use of Renewables to save environment and save billions of dollers in foreign reserve spent on the fuels and nuclear materials.

    All the best for your future endevours and hope I can do anything to help in your noble cause.

    Hitesh Patel
    980-275-3933 ( USA)

  193. Hi Chhavi,
    Graet job done and keep it up.It is great to see that you have made a difference in the village Soda.May all the politicans think same and do the like wise.Then this country will be on the path of progress soon.

  194. Dear Ms. Chhavi,

    Congratulations on your putting Soda on the global map through your work! If each village of India had a committed Leader like yourself, I am confident that the Vision of the great Mahatma of a ‘golden era of India’ could be realized within a decade.

    You are truly living his credo, “You be the change that you want to see around yourself”.

    Wishing you all success and the people of Soda village good health, happiness, and abundance!

    With warm regards.

    - Inba

  195. hello.. chhavi madam.
    a big salute to you and soda villagers for this great job.
    i am biomedical engineer and i am belong to a village like soda.
    so i can understand the importance of your noble work .
    Really you have done a great job. keep it up mam…
    best wishes

  196. If possible can you guide me so that i can do similar work in my hometown as well….its in rajasthan…
    Village: Sultana
    Dist: Jhunjhunu
    …It Needs me and people like you…

    Surendra Singh

  197. Trinath Kumar Mohant

    Respected Sarpanch jee,
    I am proud of you & also inspired by you. I will try my level best todo some thing for my own village at odisha state.
    Please keep up the good work.


  198. Parag Kshirsagar

    What an awesome job !!! You go girl !!! Keep it up … may be someday i will also leave this plastic world n have the courage to do this … plz wish me luck …
    again continue this on a large scale n make the whole rajasthan n india progressed ..

  199. I think myself lucky to came to know about a person like you ma’m… I feel proud of being an Indian always…& now that feeling has become stronger cause of you & what you have given to your village..our village..our India. You have set example for other youth of this nation. My all best wishes are with you. I am a doctor by profession, i would love to help you in your cause, if am capable of providing any help. May God bless you. May you live Longer & Stronger….

  200. Debraj Chatterjee

    Dear Chhavi Rajjawat,
    I salute you for your courage and determination. I wish you good luck for all your future endeavors.
    May God bless you.

    Debraj Chatterjee.

    thanks & regards
    rakesh chauhan

  202. Great news.

    Happy to know about you.

    India is changing and people like you are making the change happen for better.

  203. Dear Chhavi,

    The Sri Balaji Society alumni community is proud of your servitutde and example.

    Please let us know how and where can we contribute in any way.

    Thank you!

    SBS Alumni Community

  204. Dear Chhavi Rajawat ji, Greetings !

    i am a development professional working for the marginalized in andhra pradesh.It is great to know that people like you are there to champion the cause of communities .India needs such passion and pragmatic thinking to transform lives of millions who suffer hunger and ignorance.

    good wishes and greetings for your great journey.

    Ramakrisna Raju

  205. Hi, Chavvi,

    I am really impressed with your work in your village SODA, I would like to see your village SODA, pls guide me how to reach there. I am also from a village named KHARI in Bijnor district (WEST UP) & working in a MNC in NCR. I also cherish the same dream for my village & want to do something for my villagers. I just got your article thru yahoo news & share the same on my Facebook wall so my friends also know about you.
    All the Best for your bright future.

    Best Regards,
    Vikas Sharma

  206. At this time when people are moving from Villages to towns for a better living..U are an incomparable example that shows there decisions are wrong. India’s heart is her villages which are being destroyed by the high society moves, rather there are possibilities in villages to do the same. Now a days we can’t feel the village life as it was before the 90s. Hope these type of actions can attract people to move back to their own homes in villages.

    Congrats and all the best for ur upcoming moves. Would like to hear from you. Regards


  207. I am impressed by your concern for ur village and the village progress.I shaall be pleased if you do something for the country.

  208. I am impressed by your concern for ur village and the village progress.I shaall be pleased if you do something for the country. WE are all with you.

  209. Chhavi,

    Awesome job ! Extremely impressed. I feel overjoyed to hear your success story and your determination. I wish you the very best always. Very inspiring indeed. Keep it up !

  210. Dear Chhavi …

    I am very pleased to hear about u and village soda . You are really great who did this great modofication and changed the CHHAVI your village .Now definately I will go back to my village in UP and will serve .

    Thanks to inspire me ……….
    Ravi Sharma (Computer Engineer)
    Wipro Infotech.

  211. Congratulations Chhavi !!

    Great work done so far. The more impressive thing was how you were able to accomplish all this in a male dominated society. This shows the power of education. I wish more women in India get at least basic education (if not MBA), follow your footsteps and make their villages proud and corruption free.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best !!

  212. Dear Chavvi,
    I am really impressed with your work in your village.
    Awesome job your are doing. I am proud of you & also inspired by you.

    People like you are the real hero of the country.
    I wish you good luck for all your future endeavors.
    Great job chavvi keep it up and go ahead.
    God bless you.

    Gurpreet Singh
    ( Punjab ) District ( Jalandhar )

  213. Dear Chavvi Ji
    it is something which makes Bharat (Soil of Rishis) great and your efforts are core limelight of that.
    your approach is modest and awesome.

    Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached .

  214. Hats off to Surpanch!!!

    We always keep on blaming the system for everything but we never get involved ourselves in the system to make it proper. But you have shown that if some has real interest in social welfare then they can find their own ways to do that.
    Great job! truly inspirational.

    Best Regards,
    Ashwath Hegde
    Software Engineer.

  215. Dear Chawi Ji,

    Really its a great job what you have done.I saw you first time on News channel but today when I was logging of yahoo site,I had just a glimpse of you & could not stop my self to read the article.
    Really you are great.Its a very much difficult specialy for a girl in India to come forward.
    There are people like you, Kiran Bedi who make us proud.May God bless you.

  216. Dear Mam,

    glad to know about your works & You too, i am from a viilage also Village Name : Kapisahi, PO : Kalanga, Via: Bhapur, Gram Panchayat Office : Navakishorepur,Block : Hindol, Dist -Dhenkanal,Orissa. presently i am working in a MNC in India, but i love my village a lot, we have lot problems in our village , like electrcity ( hardly we can manage to get power for 7-8hrs a day in avg, and the voltage in Day time is around 130volts in night its came down to 20volts which is nothing), water & Sanitation is disaster,poverty,health problems like malaria is most affected, road & Communication is also disaster and Etc….,so i am very keen to have some idea or guidance from you regarding to get the infrastructure ready for any improvements,because we have to start from the root,my father is retd. central govt employee, he have taken few steps but he doesnt get any support from the sarpanch and loacal MLA and from Blocks also, now in coming years i want to be involved 100% for improvement of my village, we need some inspiration from you peoples only, Mera Gaaun he mera jeevan hai…,

  217. Great Work !
    A BIG BIG salute to You.
    It shows that everything is possible if we decide, mainly a powerful elected person. Congratulations for Your such Great Job. It’s really inspiring for all the village all over India.
    Thanks and “All the Best” for all your work.

  218. Read article today about you in ET . Its looks unbelievable in today’s world. Hats off to you Ms Chhavi. There are plenty of young minds in this country with a deep desire to do something for their native places but get lost in this vicious circle of corporate jobs and salaries. I am sure you are a true inspiration for all those who aspire to do something for their roots but forget after getting into the peer pressure syndrome to earn money and flaunt it . It gives me a feeling of extreme happiness to know that you made the right use of your education. Wish you success in your aims.
    God Bless You!!

    Prof Brajesh Bolia
    Faculty- Marketing
    K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai

  219. Hi Chhavi !!

    My Heartiest Congratulations to you for this great work.
    All the best for future!!

    With Regards

  220. Congratulations!!! Ms. Chhavi, for such a great job…
    You must be role model for the educated youth of India. I hope ur this effort will make a big change in India in coming time. You will be a source of inspiration for a lot of youths.
    All the Best.

  221. Hi Chhavi

    Well Done
    n Keep it up


  222. well done keep it up
    i came to know about ur great work through yahoo news.
    great work

    congrats and cheers

  223. i am inspire from ur work this is the best practice for youth ppl to turn to social work every one run behind the money but when they see ur work they realy want know abt ur work…..

  224. I really think that you are doing a wonderful job i assure you that you will definitely get success in your work and best of luck.

  225. Dear Chavi

    it is really interesting and encouraging to see the work you have done . you have really set an example for the rest of educated youth in india to come forward for the betterment of villages (espacially your own roots) which you have left and forgotten


  226. It is really interesting and encouraging to see the work you have done . you have really set an example for the rest of educated youth in india to come forward for the betterment of villages (espacially your own roots) which you have left and forgotten


  227. Dear Chhavi ji,

    Read about you through internet portals and some e-papers. The work you are doing for your roots is very inspiring and for the very same reason I would like to provide my share in your work as I am an MBA and dealing with all sort of ERP’s every now and then including SAP too.

    I have a vision to make whole country IT enabled, the work you have done in Soda seems to be the first step of rising India.

    Please do let me know if I can be of any help to such a work for our country. I am available on the above mentioned email id and BlackBerry Messenger with PIN # 277D3762.

    Anas Ali

  228. Rajinder Singh Rawat

    Dear Chavi

    Happy to see people still there who loves village.

    You are amaging and expecting more from you.

    I want to see you as a prime minister of India.

    May god bless you.

    R S Rawat

  229. Dear Chavvi,

    Fantastic work. Heartened to hear the progress. Keep it up and do reach out if you need help of any kind. I am an IT professional and would love to contribute in modernizing our villages.


  230. Tejas Prakash Parekh

    Dear ma’am

    Keep up the good work! You are a true inspiration for all the people!

    Yours sincerely

    Tejas Prakash Parekh

  231. Dear Chavi,

    You are doing incredible job. Keep it up !

    Girish Rege

  232. Hi
    It’s nice to see modern India. You are pushing the envelope in true sense.

  233. Thats a great work you are doing out there and its amazing to see a growing india which is know my its villlages…..strengthening the system from grass root level a great achivement and work

  234. Truly inspiring and u r the roll model for the youth, coz youth really want to do some thing but don’t know what to do and where to start. your story showed us the direction to where we need to start and i really hope we follow your foot steps

    thanks & best regards

  235. Congratulations!!!
    You r the inspiration for all the Indians.

    All the best.


  236. once again m thinking u as Indira gandhi, our politicians should learn 4m u, may all ur wishes come true…..

  237. Hi Chhavi


    You r the inspiration for all the Indians villages.

    I am till work in my village but my village Regeraction Sheet of S.C. Cast

    All the best.

    Well Done
    n Keep it up


    Sunil Patni

  238. Chavi Devi Ji
    Vandematram !!

    Aapka karmyoga hamare yuvao ke liye vartman me aadarsh h.
    Hamare paas ghanv-gou & kheti hetu poranik+aadhunik TAKNIKI he jise vartmaan ghanvo ke vastvik vikaas KI AADHAR SHILA banaya jaa sakta he.
    Aapka vichar ho to sampark kar sakte he.
    Aapka karya ghanvo ki or yuvao ko vapas aakarshit karega.
    Es punit karya ke liye koti-koti sadhuvad.
    Dhanyavad !!
    Jai Gou Mataji !!

    Mahesh Kabra {+91 98294 11840}
    7, Badla Choraha, Shastrinagar, Bhilwara – 311001 (Raj.)

  239. My best compliments for the same

  240. gud mr9 to all soda ppl…..

  241. Respected Chavi Rajawat Good Luck &Good Blesss You.

  242. hi chaviji muje khoshi ki rajsthan me m.b.a sarpanch rajasthan ke yuvao ka natretvye pure vishav me kar rahi hai. jai hind jai rajasthan.

  243. U r realy inspiring to all youth………. GREAT WORK……………

  244. HI, Chavi

    Happy to see people still there who loves village.

    You are amaging and expecting more from you.

    I want to see you as a prime minister of India.

    god bless you. with best regards

  245. chavi rajawat i impress your working in village .

  246. Harishanker Gameti

    chavi rajawat Ihave Impress For your work in village one day you are the prime minister of india not ajoke with my best compliments……….



  248. Hi Chavvi

    mam heads off to you , u had done a great job and i am wishing
    u a great success in your future plans for Soda Village . i wish One day all of the villages will be connected through internet,

    keep doing the best work for Soda as well as the areas near by u and educate all other panchayats about this mam.

    once again congratulations and wishes for your success,keep up the good work.

    Deepak Sharma
    Assistant Manager
    GE Capital

    ap ko apne is naye kam ke liye congrat. me ap ke ujjaval bhavisya ki kamna karta hu
    best of luck

  250. Dear Chavvi,
    I am really impressed with your work in your village.
    Awesome job your are doing. I am proud of you & also inspired by you.

    thanks & best regards


  251. Harsh Vardhan Mehta

    Dear Chhavi,

    Raah par chalne wale bahut hote hain, magar raah deekhane wale himmatwar kuch log hi hote hain. And you are such an inspiration not only to women in India but to most of the educated male. I have a daughter of 8 years and I wish if she can have you as a role model. Truly amazing and inspiring. I will make it a point to visit your village during my next visit to India. Would love to see the work first hand and to meet the person behind all this.

    I am a Rajasthani and this makes me more proud.

    Harsh Vardhan Mehta
    General Manager
    Unigrow Industries Limited
    Lagos, Nigeria

  252. dear sarpach,
    my best wishes and carry on your journey.
    madan muwal

  253. Hello Madam,
    Congrats! for such a inspirational job…
    You must be role model for the educated youth of India, specially for women. I hope ur this effort will make a big change in India in coming time.That will be a different picture of India…..
    with Lots of wishes….

  254. Hi Chhavi,

    Hope you remember me from your friends list from CIStems, Jaipur. Read your story few months back and came to know about you from one of our CIStemite friend Pratibha, about you being a Sarpanch.
    Congratulations on the tremendous work you are doing for your village people. Extremely proud of you.
    Indeed you are inspiring and I hope that every youth takes on this journey right now, as I strongly believe, that today’s youth is in the position of changing the face of India. What we need to do is something which you are doing…going back to roots and educating them, helping them, making them realize…that these urban, uneducated people are actually the power house of India.
    I would love to join you on this trip. Let me know if I can be of any help. Thanks for giving me a proud and inspiring moment. Cheers!!!

  255. Hi and hello Madam Chavvi Rajwant, What i can say about you because before me everybody already told you so much about your praise and blessings, so I realyy dont have to much words to say you but one thing I will surely say that whenever I will come to India I will surely visit taht village and will try to meet you, because not only me everybody wants to meet you. Presently I am in UAE and coming back to India very soon. Actually my and my parents thinking is always like this that an educated person have too much to do because an educated person have lots of ideas and you knows better that an idia can change everything and you proved it. Great to send you an email but I dont know you will read this or no but this will be ever in my memories that I have send an msg to you because you are doing too much good for oue great India. So always be happy and God bless you a lot. And chavvi Ji i promise I will also help you to develop that village by financialy, mentally and healtly also becayse i will surely come there very soon. because now I am very eager to meet you. Great madam! live long and AMEEN!

  256. hello,
    chhavi ji,
    very weldone.
    Me bhi apni panchyat ko es tarah banane ki kosish karuga.
    I hope u help me.

  257. hello,

    Chhavi ji,
    kammagani sa.
    Mujhe aapke es kam se bahut prerna mili h or future me, me aapni gram panchyat ko bhi esi tarh viksit kar net par dekhna chahta hu. Iske liy me aasha karata hu ki aap meri help karana pasand kroge.
    Once again congratulation,
    I hupe………. U help me.
    Gajendra singh panwar bijolia,mewar.(+91 9166570745)

  258. congratulation chhavi ji

  259. Hi Chavvi,

    No words to express my feelings to you, for your different way of thinking and your firm commitment to the society, and moreover your magnanimous mind. This is not something anyone can do, with your educational background and a lucrative career in corporate sector. Only a few, dedicated people will be able to do such things. And you are one among those few…..

    Many regards to you


  260. Reading an article on you on Rajasthan Patrika today, I am extremely impressed by your courage and vision. I hope that you efforts will change the picture of your village into a place which will become a shining example for rural areas in India which need leaders like you. You have put a message before all politicians .Read about you through Soda-India site,I am very impressed to your mission. My all best wishes are with you.

  261. dear ms rajawat,
    i have come to know about you from various sources
    its interesting to see when every person or student is running towards the salary packages, you are serving ur village, that is you are really modern and highly intellactual pesonality,every youth can take inspiration from you.
    i have written an artical about the” role of I T in the work enhancement of women panchayat representative” in hindi for AICC magazine. i would like to send it to u for your great suggessions.
    wating for your timely reply
    thanks a lot

    DINKAR SHARMA,Deptt of education,jaipur,rajasthan

  262. hi — chhavi rajawat
    i impress your works in y’r soda .

  263. May God continue to Bless you’ll.

  264. girdhar singh shekhawat

    chawi ji,
    great job,keep it up&wish u all the best for ur project
    khamma ghani

  265. dear chavi

    it was enthusiastic and inspiring news for me

    as a public servant i met many of sarpanchs but always had bad experience regarding RTI , development project for villages , and many more serious issues related to development of villages ,

    if every youth starts thinking like you and work for developing his /her own land not others ( IT Professionals, doctors, engineers who work for other country for only making money ) then we can easily reach our mission 2020 in early stage

    you have really set an example for youth that charity begins at home and i m very proud of you kind people , ..

    through this stage i would like to recall all my friends who r serving for USA Europe and other states , please come to your motherland we still have to do lot many work to provide a better environment, and the best country for coming generation

  266. To the People of SODA,
    First of all, i would like to congratulate for the great self-sustaining initiatives recorded under the courageous leadership of ypur Surpanch.
    My purpose of writing here is to inform you regarding great ideas happening around the world which could help transform the lifes of the fellow indian villages. By using this platform i would urge to make another section (kind of a blog) where people can share, discuss and find solutions for the various problems thereby faced.

    Apart from above, I humbly request you to go to the below url providing the innovative and cost effective idea “Solar Bottle Bulb” in Philiphines to provide daylight. It is a very eco-friendly and cost-efficient way to provide daylight without much hassle of buying high priced raw material or technicalities. This could also be done in different deisgns and more colorful and is a good sell like hot pancakes, bringing capital for the development of village.

    Kindly visit the above URLs and revert back by your preeminent views and thoughts.



  267. There is nothing else left me to say except “Well Done :) ”.
    Wondering how I can contribute to my village uplift.

  268. Dear Ms. Chhavi Rajawat,

    It is really a very enthusiastic news to read about
    changing face of rural India particualrly as result
    of efforts devoted by highly educated woman’s initiative.

    We would love to share some of our experiences and join you
    in your fly high Aims.
    Please have a look on following blog too.
    I would love to talk to you as per your convience.

    Happy Landings

    Capt Shekhar Gupta
    AeroSoft Corp
    W :
    E :

  269. All I can say is All the Best for chavi ji’s goals. Number of comments for this post reflects number of similar people. I am really happy to see such huge number.

  270. hi,
    first of all congratlations to do something different .
    U will be history for every mang. Student.i m manish from diggi.
    It shows that everything is possible if we decide, mainly a powerful elected person. Congratulations for Your such Great Job. It’s really inspiring for all the village all over India.
    Thanks and “All the Best” for all your work.
    bye best of luck

  271. Namashkar,

    I’m happy to know the true progress of village. I have suggestion to make.
    (1)Make Birth and Death certificate and other requires certificate at the door steps. Why villager to become applicant? They have right and panchayat has duty and secretary is paid for this job. On the birth and Death panchayat secretary goes at their respective house and do the paper work on the spot and arrange to reach certificate at doorstep, the very day.
    (2)Agriculture deptt. is to do soil testing at farm. Mobile soil testing are consuming lot of money of tax payer.
    (3) Take steps to arrange to make vote of person the day he or she attains age 18 years. It is each day process, don’t wait election to come.
    I wish you all the success. God Bless

    Arun Bishnoi, Advocate
    Post Box 70
    Sri Ganganagar, 335001

  272. Respected Chavi mam,

    I am really overwhelmed to see your news on DoIT Government of Rajasthan Web site today.
    Many Many heartiest congratulation to you for your commandable efforts for rural village Soda.

    Specially I respect your views like taking education at top institutions in India and giving back its benefits again to roots of India which is one of the rarest of the rare cases in my knowledge.
    Congratulations again for taking politics as carreer that too at sarpunch level. My best wishes to you for this also.

    You will be glad to know that I am also posted as Lecturer in Mathematics at Government PG College Tonk,
    I am one of the seven officers of Government of Rajasthan who have been nominated for e-Governance programme for Executive (eGPX) at TAPMI, Manipal for one year course.
    Presently I am doing my internship at DoIT/ RajComp.
    I will be happy to help you in your pursuit of IT enablement/
    e-Governance of any kind you like to share with me.

    With Regards
    Dr Pankaj Mathur
    eGPX intern
    TAPMI, Manipal
    Presently on Internship at SeMT,
    Department of Information and Technology
    Government of Rajasthan,

  273. Dear Sarpanch Ms. Chhavi,
    congragulations & best of luck for progress ahead.
    Keep it up.

  274. hi…

    Hats off to you and your commitment.I heard about you when I was posted in the glaciated terrain of India safeguarding from Pakistan from a jawan who happened to be from ganganagar, Rajasthan.To my utter surprise he was not well educated but he knew about you….and was in awe of you.We fight at the borders and you inside the boundaries.We feel pride and honoured if whole of India has YOU.Thanks a lot…our efforts and difficulties are responded by people like you who show us new dimension of motivation.

  275. wow……….you studied in andhra and from armed forces blood…its quite are bound to be a striking force of difference.good going and let the flame of spirits held high.CHARDHI KALA.

  276. Congratulations for doing a great job to the Indian village of Soda!
    I am very impressed to your mission. My all best wishes are with you.
    With Regards
    Rishiraj Singh Gaur

  277. namste madam
    apke bare me jankar achha laga . ap india ke sabhi gram panchayat k sarpancho ki adars ho . ap apne ganv k sath sath pure des k liye bhi kuchh karna yahi meri prarthana h .

    jai bharat

  278. good job

  279. Thanks…

  280. It is a real kind inspiration. Great Ms. Chavi

  281. you are very great
    again i am not know english

  282. Respected Chaavi mam,
    I came to know about your village some time ago,but I didn’t knew that it had a dedicated website for the village.
    you have been doing a comendable job.kudos to your effort.
    I would just like to know that what kind of difficulties you faced while trying to convince the people of your village to elect you and what are the problems you are facing while handling the administration of your village.

    with regards,

    Sartaj Singh

  283. Good Work

  284. Ms Chhavi Rajawat,

    Congratulation for your achievement and best of luck for your future.



  285. @Sarpanch: you are indeed an inspiration to many techies and the young generation who with their potential can bring a lot of change to the society. Your bold step to go back to the roots and work for them without worrying abt the loss of money and the lavish life is indeed inspiring and one which each one of us must understand. We all owe a lot to the society and must led a part of our lives to give it back something much better. thank u so much …I will also take such a step one day for my own home town…

  286. How could you break the dress code of the rural areas just because you had higher education… if it were in many other places people would harass such a woman with insulting words if she wears city dress after returning from higher education… this is what amazes me.. and to defeat the men polititians who has already rooted there.. the villagers there are really nice i think

  287. Hmm. .. I am not honest if I say…well planned…but NO..this is not the way to go about.

    Send me a MOU which U would prefer, so that I can see what can be done about your Village.

    And I mean MOU …detailed…which concepyulaizes the way you see the Village grow as well as a person who is willing to Invest.



  288. and kindly reverse the pattern of showing emails. Last one in first message for u. This is designed other way around..???

  289. Anand Singh Bhati

    Dear Baisa Hukum…
    Khama Ghani Hukum.. Really U r a great inspiration for younger s… no words for describing u… Rly u r a image(chavi) of such rajaputs and rajasthanis n indian…. v proud of u… Baisa


    Anand Singh Bhati

  290. Hi Chhavi,

    Its inspiring to see the youth taking on the task of developing the true india. Its the best use that one can put one’s skills and education to.

    Keep it up!

    All the best!

  291. You Rock !!!

  292. Dear Chhavi,

    Bravo and Shabas!!!

    I wish there were more courageous ones like you all over this planet. You are a rolemodel and an inspiration. Would like to keep in touch with you.
    Pushpa Rathor
    from a Village in Canada

  293. dear chhavi
    I like u becos u r courages & your working potential &popularity every rajput is proud of r role modle for rajput girls &ladies.
    Its inspiring to see the youth taking on the task of development.Its inspiring to see the youth taking on the task of development and work for them without worrying abt the loss of money and the lavish life.

    baisa khamma.

    Omkar singh ,Bajrang singh (GALTHANI PALI)

  294. Dear Chhavi,
    Am please to see your dedication towards upliftment of your village. Each one writing on your site must be feeling “PROUD” and looking forward to your village as “New age Village” with all facilities never to less then metro cities. Words of encourage may not be good enough to move ahead, so request you to kindly send us bank details of your “Gram Panchayat” to make contribution to this great work.

    Rajinder Rana

  295. Dear Chaaviji,
    congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing.That is Rishivalley spirit.Two of my grandchildren are presently in Rishivalley .I hope they follow your foot steps.
    A few suggestions-1.roof top rainwater harvesting is the best way for drinking water.This is being done in your own state by Sri.Agarwal. 2.Husk power systems for electricity.
    3.Six brick rocket stove to reduce fuel use and smoke.
    These are low cost methods. Best wishes.

  296. hey sarpanch ji ….you are an inspiration inspiration to young generation & also for me …u r doin xcellent work

    hats off 2 u
    god bless u

  297. Dear Chavi
    I am Also A part of NGO we are working with different govt for capacity development at panchayat level in UP and also we are runnig IT education for rural india if I can be at some help please let me know I will be Happy to be Part of ur efforts will try to provide IT education to young youth of ur village and surroundings. may contact me at
    will be more than happy to work for my country in this form

  298. hai dear chhavi aapki mehnat ne yuvao ko hoonsla diya hai

  299. Hello ! Chahavi I read about you on yahoo,
    you did a fantastic job and many girls inspire from your work
    we proud of you, b’coz u r the youngest sarpanch female of india.

    keep it up !

    our wishes All ways with you .

    Prayas Kumar

  300. Dear Chavi ji,

    I must congratulate u on u r work in Soda gram becoz I always feel that our malpura area is not more than a tribal area where people have even do not have common civic sense and corrupt politician but now I see a rays of hope and confident that entire Malpura Tehsil will enjoy result of u r hard work, I must say that all people of Malpura tehsil extend their helping hands in your noble cause.
    Navratan Sharma
    Aspire Center for education

  301. I would love to join you for your and our cause.
    If you require any person please remember me.

  302. Dear Chhavi Rajawat,
    I am Much Impressed after knew your work for you village and your area……..Really you show a line for the educated villagers …..who forgotten their village and living style…….and when i read more about you thru many website…………..i can express my feeling and regards for you……Best of luck and i wish that our leader should be work like you then our country will be number one………Gud luck again ….

    Pramod Mavi

  303. Shrikant Kulkarni

    Dear Ms. Rajwat,
    I recently come across with information on you indicating the social work you are doing with rural india as a Sarpanch.
    I congratulate you.
    In my opinion present work of Sarpanch is directionlless and therefore tending towards self interest to a larger extent.
    Based on your present work as sarpanch do you think any road map for the post of sarpanch is possible ?
    Please drop a line in receipt of this note.